Saturday, November 3, 2012

Knitter's Remorse!

I don't know how I keep getting myself into this but somehow I just committed myself to knit another pair of Hawkeye mittens as well as a matching scarf by Christmas!  I knit 2 pairs of mittens for last Christmas and had knit a matching striped scarf earlier last year. 

My friend Kristin (who was the recipient of the first pair of Hawkeye mittens and the scarf) was wearing hers today and has requested a set for another friend of hers who is a Hawkeye fan.  I knit the 2nd pair of Hawkeye mittens for my mom and after finishing them I swore no more black and yellow yarn!   Oh well, at least they have had a good response! This is a good (free!) pattern that is available on Ravelry.   I did have a little trouble with the thumbs but ended up winging it and just trying to make the colors match the picture.  The scarf was made by casting on 80 stitches on a short circular needle and knitting in the round for 14 rounds then switching to the other color.  I did 14 black and gold stripes and it was over 6 feet long, not counting the fringe!  It was an extremely boring scarf, so hopefully I can find some good tv shows or something on Netflix Instant watch and knit away! 

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