Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

I spent a nice afternoon working in my sewing room, and attempting to replicate some of the quilting ideas from the book Free Motion Quilting by Angela Walters.  This is a great book and has a lot of great information, I do highly recommend it.  I have only attempted to FMQ a few times before and I am not sure I am using the correct sewing machine foot so my results were less than stellar.  I know I just need to practice but I have never enjoyed practicing things.  I have my two green/tan pot holders basted and ready to quilt, now I just have to decide how I want to do it.  Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow.  I did try a random squares and rectangle quilting that worked pretty well it was just anything with curves that I just couldn't get the hang of.  I am sure that is where the practice comes in and I should probably just keep at it.  Maybe I should get some cheap fabric from JoAnn and make up some small quilt sandwiches with leftover batting and just practice on something that has no purpose.  I could even photograph it for the blog so it would give me something to talk about! 
This is the front and the back of one of the potholders I was working on today.  It is a Wonky log cabin block for the front and the style of the potholder is this tutorial from Oh Fransson!  The second pot holder is the same style but just has 1 inch (finished) stripes for the front. 

I didn't get the UNI hat started today like I wanted but I do have the yarn wound and the pattern picked out so I am going to start in the morning.  Now I am off to bed.

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