Saturday, August 11, 2012

Randomness on Saturday night

I have my first finished knitting project since May 19!  These are the Revival socks by Glenna C of Knitting to Stay Sane . It was a well written pattern but I think I have my fill of twisted stitches for awhile!  The yarn I used is Hazel Knits Artisan sock in the sage brush colorway.  I really like this sock yarn and know from past experience that it holds up well.  These socks were supposed to be my first Camp Loopy project for this summer but I sadly failed to finish them by the deadline.  Last year I participated in Camp Loopy and finished all three of the projects, this year I haven't finished any of them!  I just haven't been knitting as much lately.  Hopefully now that fall is approaching I will be more inspired to knit.  There are a lot of inspiring patterns in the new fall issue of Twist Collective I love all the garments in the Homestead story as well as the Budapest Market socks and the Barberry Cardigan.  I actually have the yarn in my stash that was used for the Barberry Cardigan I might think about that once I am ready for twisted stitches again. 

New bedroom

Part of the reason I haven't been knitting much lately is because we have been working on a remodeling project in our house.  We have finally finished up the work and I got some pictures taken today.  Pat bought our house 10 years ago before we were married and we have been fixing it up ever since.  Our house was built in approximately 1890 so it has taken a lot of work.  We finished remodeling the downstairs a few years ago and started on the upstairs. 

There are 4 bedrooms and a large storage closet upstairs, we still have 2 of the bedrooms left to remodel before we are done.  Pat started working on one of the bedrooms back in January, blowing insulation into the walls and then covering over the plaster and lath with sheetrock and then plastering, painting and putting in new flooring.  My portion of the project was painting the ceiling, walls and the woodwork.  Then after I got a really bad can of paint, stripping all of the woodwork in the first bedroom and repainting it!  That was a nightmare, I think I went to Sherwin Williams for more paint stripper 4 times!  If I could meet the person who painted the woodwork teal I would have several harsh words for them!  (Unfortunately the woodwork in one of our remaining unfinished bedrooms is RED)  When it was finished we moved our current bedroom and then I repainted the bedroom we had finished a few years ago.  It had previously been a pretty purple color but we are thinking of trying to sell so we decided to just paint over it white.  I normally choose much more fun paint colors.  Pat had even gotten used to the purple and was kind of sad to see it go.  The last touch to the project was finally installing doors on our old bedroom and the storage closet!  These 2 rooms have been door-less for probably 6 years.  No longer can the cats climb around in the storage closet and knock things down at 2 am! 

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