Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabric Friday

I have had the fabric collection Madrona Road by Violet Craft on my fabric wish list since I first saw it on Oh Fransson's blog several months ago.  It recently went on sale and I had a coupon code for a new Etsy shop called I Don't Do Dishes so I picked up some 1/2 yard pieces of my favorite prints.  I don't know yet what I am going to make with it but for now I am happy to just admire it!  I Don't Do Dishes had really good customer service and very quick shipping as well so I would definitely recommend them. 

We went to Miss Effie's Blooms Tunes and Brews last night and had a really nice evening listening to music and chatting with my friend Laura and her husband.  I left the camera in the car all night so no pictures unfortunately.  Laura and I both had our knitting along so we both made some progress on our projects.  It was nice having someone to KIP with! 

This weekend should be fairly quiet around here so I am planning on trying a few new recipes.  If they turn out I will post a review next time. 


  1. Nice collection of fabric! Hope Pat enjoyed the night, too. Did you sit in the outdoor tea room?

    1. Thanks Mom! Pat did have a good time and we were glad that we went. If you mean the 'corn-zebo' no, we didn't set there but near there on the lawn. I am going back this week for knitting on Friday!