Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catch Up!

Sorry for the unintended blog absence over the last week!  I left home last Saturday intending to buy a new laptop and took our old laptop along.  Long story short I left the old laptop to get "fixed" and brought home a new laptop that didn't actually work.  So for several days we had no computer access at all.  Since we got the old one back and a working new one a couple days ago I have been transferring files and trying to correct some issues that were caused by the "fixing".  Anyway, now we are back on track and I have a lovely new laptop that works great.  

I had quite a bit of free time when I had no internet access so I have been doing some baking and a lot of preserving.  The picture above are of the Ganachaud flute bread from the Local Breads book by Daniel Leader.  These turned out pretty well I think for the first attempt.  They have a bit of a different flavor because they have a small amount of corn flour in them.  

These are homemade oreos from a recipe that I printed off the internet a long time ago and I am not sure of the source.  They were quite tasty and pretty simple to make.  I will be making these again. 

I don't have any photos but I have added a lot of produce to the pantry over the last few weeks since I last reported my preserving progress.  My mother-in-law gave me a huge box of home grown grapes on Thursday so I made grape jelly and 11 quarts of grape juice over Thursday and Friday.  Below is my list for 2012.  I could use some more tomatoes, my tomatoes haven't been producing much and now I think they have the blight so I probably won't get much more. 
 (New items in italics)

13 - quarts of dill pickles
3 - 1/2 pints of blackberry syrup
3 - 1/2 pints of strawberry syrup
6 - pints of strawberry lemonade syrup
5 - 1/2 pints of lemony strawberry jam
2 - pints of lemony strawberry jam
1 - quart of blackberry brandy
1 - pint of blackberry brandy (I used one full bottle of Korbel brandy)
14 - pints salsa
7 - pints sweet pickles
5 - quarts tomato juice 
11 - quarts grape juice
3 1/2 - pints grape jelly

1 - gallon bag of strawberries
2 - gallon bags of blackberries + 1 gallon bag blackberries = 3 gallons total
10 - 10 oz bags of corn + 9 10oz bags = 19 10 oz bags total 
1 - gallon bag of greenbeans
1 - 30 oz container diced tomatoes
1 - 15 oz container diced tomatoes
40 cubes basil pesto
1 - pint blueberries
2 - 1 lb bags peaches 

2 dehydrators full - parsley
3 dehydrators full - basil
2 sheets cherry tomatoes

Now I have a photo for my mom, she always wants to see Oscar so here you go Mom!  I am not sure how he finds this pose comfortable but he was quite sound asleep!

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  1. Thanks! Oh, I love Oscar's picture. Doesn't he look handsome with his collar?

    Your craft room looks so airy, with lght, and just neat. That would be nice to have a comfy chair plus a different table for your sewing machine. So glad you and Pat moved your room.

    Your stash of preserves and everything sound yummy! I was reading a "Country" magazine yesterday and the article was about living in Alaska. This was where roads were maybe 20 miles from the homestead. How do you think you would do in this setting? Bye Love Mom