Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Craft Room

Yesterday I talked Pat into helping me move my craft room to one of our remodeled rooms.  It still needs some decorating help but this room is going to be so much better for sewing!  The room has much better lighting and several electrical outlets.  The old room was really dark and only had 2 outlets!  I took a few photos from different angles.  I will probably post some different ones once I get it decorated a little better.  But these will do for now.  The picture above is some bookshelves that I moved in from the hallway.  I found that set of 3 jars at Goodwill a few months back and now they hold my selvedges, my buttons and some misc sewing accessories.  The doll on the bottom shelf was made by a friend of the family for me when I was little. 

 The brown cabinet was left at our house by the previous owners and used to be a kitchen pantry.  We moved it upstairs when we remodeled the kitchen and now it holds all of my fabric. 

 These white cabinets were headed to the burn pile after a kitchen remodel that Pat did a year or 2 ago.  I cleaned them up and they work great for now.  The glass front cabinet holds my yarn storage - I should get a closer up photo of that!  All of my new yarn is held in here and I have one tub of leftover yarn but that is it on yarn stash!  I hope to use the empty wall on the right for a design wall eventually.
 This table was my Christmas present from Pat last year.  The cabinet on the left is another one from the kitchen remodel and Pat built a book case for the other side (which holds all my magazines and some patterns) and made a top.  My mom got me the cutting mat on the top.  This table will work so much better now that I can walk all the way around it. 
You can't really see my sewing machine here but this is my sewing table.  I am hoping to get a different table pretty soon but this works for now.  I am hoping to find a small comfy chair to put in here somewhere so I can hang out in here and knit and watch TV sometimes. 

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